Test Driven Development with jUnit 4 (OMEGA-215)

Duration: 3 days

Course Content

Module 1 - Core jUnit
Understanding unit testing
jUnit design goals
Setting up jUnit
Running parameterized tests
jUnit test runners
Testing exception handling
Testing timeout

Module 2 - Software testing principles
The need for testing
Test types
Black box vs - White box testing
Test coverage and development
Writing testable code
Test‐driven development

Module 3 - Coarse‐Grained Testing with Stubs
Introducing stubs
Stubbing an Http connection
Stubbing the web server’s resources
Stubbing the connection

Module 4 - Testting with Mock Objects
Introducing mock objects
Unit testing with mock objects
Refactoring with mock objects
Mockingan HTTP connection
Introducing mock frameworks: EasyMock, Mockito, jMockit

Module 5 - jUnit and the Build Process
Running jUnit tests from Ant
Running jUnit tests from Maven
Continuous integration tools

Module 6 - Presentation‐layer Testing
Writing HtmlUnit tests
Integrating HtmlUnit with Cactus
Writing Selenium tests
Ajax Testing
Testing Angular Applications

Module 7 - Spring Test

Module 8 - Testing Restful Services

Module 9 - Testing JPA‐Based Applications

Module 10 - Load Testing with jMeter

Module 11 - Micro-benchmarking in Java using JMH