Design Patterns (in Java) and UML 2 (OMEGA-222)

Duration: 5 days

Course Content

Module 1 -Examining Object-Oriented Concepts and Terminology
Module 2 -Introducing Modeling and the Software Development Process
Module 3 -Creating Use Case Diagrams
Module 4 -Creating Use Case Scenarios and Forms
Module 5 -Creating Activity Diagrams
Module 6 -Determining the Key Abstractions
Module 7 -Constructing the Problem Domain Model
Module 8 -Transitioning from Analysis to Design Using Interaction Diagrams
Module 9 -Modeling Object State Using State Machine Diagrams
Module 10 -Applying Design Patterns to the Design Model
Module 11 -OOP Principles and Design Patterns
Module 12 -Interface Patterns:
Adapter, Facade, Composite, Bridge
Module 13 -Responsibility Patterns:
Singleton, Observer, Mediator, Proxy, Chain of Responsibility, Flyweight
Module 14 -Construction Patterns:
Builder, Factory Method, Abstract Factory, Prototype, Memento
Module 15 -Operation Patterns:
Template Method, State, Strategy, Command, Interpreter
Module 16 -Extension Patterns:
Decorator, Iterator, Visitor