Course Code: OMEGA-244
Course Title: Developing Rich Client Applications using JavaFx
Duration: 5 Days

The goals of this course are for you to be able to:

  • Create a graphical user interface using Java FX.
  • Connect a Java FX GUI to database using JPA.
  • Connect a Java FX GUI to a RESTful web service.
  • Package and deploy a Java FX application.
  • Sign a Java FX application.
  • Connect their application to a RESTful web services

  • Java Developers

Module 1 – Introduction

Module 2 – JavaFX Overview

Module 3 – JavaFX Collections

Module 4 – UI Controls, Layouts, Charts, and CSS

Module 5 – Visual Effects, Animation, Web View, and Media

Module 6 – JavaFX Tables and Client GUI

Module 7 – JavaFX Concurrency and Binding

Module 8 – Applying Java Persistence API (JPA)

Module 9 – Implementing a Multi-Tier Design with RESTful Web Services

Module 10 – Connecting to a RESTful Web Service

Module 11 – Packaging and Deploying Applications

Module 12 – Developing Secure Applications

Module 13 – Signing an Application and Authentication

Module 14 – Logging with log4j and logBack

Module 15 – Unit Testing with jUnit 4