Course Code: OMEGA-312
Course Title: jQuery and jQuery UI
Duration: 3 Days

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand what's so good about jQuery
  • Add support for jQuery into your own UIs
  • Select, decorate, and enhance DOM
  • Use jQuery's effects, animation, scrolling, and resizing capabilities
  • Build lightboxes, slideshows, and manipulate images
  • Render pro-looking panels, menus, accordions, tabs, tooltips UI widgets in your applications
  • Learn about jQuery's AJAX facilities and create amazing interactive applications
  • Enhance your forms with hints, auto-suggestions, client-side validation, star ratings, and more!
  • Learn about jQuery's controls, including date pickers, sliders, progress bar, sorting, and drag'n'drop
  • Create/manage lists, trees, and tables - again all in JavaScript
  • Understand jQuery's plugins, themes, and other advanced concepts, including best-practices

  • Web developers

  1. jQuery
  2. jQuery Selectors
  3. Wrapper Methods and Method Chaining
  4. jQuery Utility Functions
  5. CSS and DOM Manipulations with jQuery
  6. Working with Events
  7. Animation and Effects
  8. Ajax Requests with jQuery
  9. jQuery Plug-Ins
  10. Getting Started with jQuery UI
  11. jQuery UI Interaction Helpers
  12. jQuery UI User Interface Elements