Building Scalable Web Applications using Node.js, MongoDB, and Knockout.js (OMEGA-314)

Duration: 5 days

Course Content

Module 1 – Introduction to Scalable Web Architectures

Module 2 – Javascript

Module 3 – Advanced Javascript

Module 4 – JQuery
Retrieving/ Manipulating Page Content
Working with Events
Animation and Effects
jQuery AJAX

Module 5 – Introduction to NoSQL Databases

Module 6 – MongoDB
Installing and Running the server,
Working with the database
Insert/update/remove document
Querying for the document
ObjectID, Querying/Grouping/Sorting/Paginating

Module 7 – Server-Side Javascripting with NodeJS

Module 8 – Express Framework

Module 9 – Node.js and MongoDB Integration
Node.js MongoDB Driver, Mongoose

Module 10 – Client-Side programming with Knockout.JS
MVC with Knockout.js