Course Code: OMEGA-365
Course Title: Architect Enterprise Applications with Java EE 8
Duration: 5 Days

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Analyze, evaluate, and prescribe architectural strategies to solve enterprise and application architectural challenges
  • Use Java EE component technologies to solve typical problems in system architecture
  • Derive software systems using solutions defined in Java EE and enterprise architecture integration (EAI) patterns
  • Address quality-of-service requirements in a cost-effective manner using engineering trade-off techniques
  • Describe the role of the architect and the products an architect delivers
  • Use UML to model architectural components
  • List and describe typical problems associated with large-scale enterprise systems
  • Identify risks associated with architectural choices and consider strategies for mitigating those risk
  • Consider and discuss the pros and cons, and trade-offs of various architectural choices and strategies
  • Consider and discuss business and technical factors and constraints on architectural choices and strategies

  • Java Enterprise Edition developers
  • Those looking to become architects

  1. Introducing Enterprise Architecture
  2. Fundamental architectural concepts
  3. Developing security architecture
  4. Understanding nonfunctional requirements
  5. Defining common problems and solutions: risk factors and system flexibility
  6. Defining common problems and solutions: networks, transactions, and capacity planning
  7. Java EE 7: Overview
  8. Java EE 8: New Features
  9. Developing an architecture for the Client tier
  10. Developing an architecture for the Web tier
  11. Developing an architecture for the Business tier
  12. Developing an architecture for the Integration and Resource tiers
  13. Evaluating the software architecture