Developing Enterprise Applications on Java EE 7 (OMEGA-390)

Duration: 5 days

Course Content

Module 1 - Introduction to Java EE 7 Platform
Java Technology Platforms, Enterprise Application Infrastructure Technologies, Java EE Technology Suite, Java EE Component Containers, Java EE Service Infrastructure, Java EE Platform Tiers and Architecture, N-Tier Architectural Model, Java EE-Tiered Architecture, Java EE Application Architecture, Java EE Web-Centric Architecture, Java EE EJB Component–Centric Architecture, Java EE Profiles

Module 2 - Servlet
Servlet Filters, Event Listeners, Asynchronous Support, Nonblocking I/O, Web Fragments, Security, Resource Packaging, Error Mapping, Handling Multipart Requests, Upgrade Processing

Module 3 - Java Server Faces
Facelets, Resource Handling, Composite Components, Request Processing Life-Cycle Phases, Ajax, Validating Data, Navigation Rules, Faces Flow, Resource Library Contracts, Pass-through Attributes and HTML5-Friendly Markup, Component Tags

Module 4 - Enterprise JavaBeans
Stateful Session Beans, Stateless Session Beans, Singleton Session Beans, Life-Cycle Event Callbacks, Message-Driven Beans, Portable Global JNDI Names, Transactions, Asynchronous Invocation, Timers, Embeddable API, EJB Lite

Module 5 - Contexts and Dependency Injection
Discovery of Beans, Injection Points, Qualifier and Alternative, Producer and Disposer, Interceptors, Decorators, Scopes and Contexts, Stereotypes, Events, Portable Extensions, Built-in Beans, Life-Cycle Callbacks

Module 6 - Concurrency Utilities
Asynchronous Tasks, Schedule Tasks, Managed Threads, Dynamic Contextual Objects

Module 7 - Bean Validation
Built-in Constraints, Defining a Custom Constraint, Validation Groups, Method and Constructor, Constraint

Module 8 - Java Persistence
Entities, Persistence Unit, Persistence Context, and Entity Manager, Schema Generation, Create, Read, Update, and Delete Entities, Entity Listeners, Stored Procedures, Validating the Entities, Transactions and Locking, Caching

Module 9 - Java Transaction API
User-Managed Transactions, Container-Managed Transactions, @TransactionScoped

Module 10 - Java Message Service
Sending a Message, Receiving a Message Synchronously, Receiving a Message Asynchronously, Quality of Service, Temporary Destinations

Module 11 - Batch Processing
Chunk-Oriented Processing, Custom Checkpointing, Exception Handling, Batchlet Processing, Listeners, Job Sequence, Flow, Split, Decision

Module 12 - Restful Web Services
Resources, Binding HTTP Methods, Multiple Resource Representations, Binding a Request to a Resource, Entity Providers, Client API, Mapping Exceptions, Filters and Entity Interceptors, Validation of Resources, Reactive Client API, Server-side Events

Module 13 - XML Web Services
Web Service Endpoints, Provider-Based Dynamic Endpoints, Endpoint-Based Endpoints, Web Service Client, Dispatch-Based Dynamic Client, Handlers

Module 14 - JSON Processing
Streaming API, Consuming JSON Using the Streaming API, Producing JSON Using the Streaming API, Object Model API, Consuming JSON Using the Object Model API, Producing JSON Using the Object Model API

Module 15 - WebSocket
Annotated Server Endpoint, Programmatic Server Endpoint, Annotated Client Endpoint, Programmatic Client Endpoint, JavaScript WebSocket Client, Encoders and Decoders