Business Component Development on Java EE 7 (OMEGA-394)

Duration: 3 days

Course Content

Module 1 - Enterprise JavaBeans
Stateful Session Beans, Stateless Session Beans, Singleton Session Beans, Life-Cycle Event Callbacks, Message-Driven Beans, Portable Global JNDI Names, Transactions, Asynchronous Invocation, Timers, Embeddable API, EJB Lite

Module 2 - Contexts and Dependency Injection
Discovery of Beans, Injection Points, Qualifier and Alternative, Producer and Disposer, Interceptors, Decorators, Scopes and Contexts, Stereotypes, Events, Portable Extensions, Built-in Beans, Life-Cycle Callbacks

Module 3 - Concurrency Utilities
Asynchronous Tasks, Schedule Tasks, Managed Threads, Dynamic Contextual Objects

Module 4 - Bean Validation
Built-in Constraints, Defining a Custom Constraint, Validation Groups, Method and Constructor, Constraint

Module 5 - Java Persistence
Entities, Persistence Unit, Persistence Context, and Entity Manager, Schema Generation, Create, Read, Update, and Delete Entities, Entity Listeners, Stored Procedures, Validating the Entities, Transactions and Locking, Caching

Module 6 - Java Transaction
User-Managed Transactions, Container-Managed Transactions, @TransactionScoped

Module 7 - Java Message Service
Sending a Message, Receiving a Message Synchronously, Receiving a Message Asynchronously, Quality of Service, Temporary Destinations

Module 8 - Batch Processing
Chunk-Oriented Processing, Custom Checkpointing, Exception Handling, Batchlet Processing, Listeners, Job Sequence, Flow, Split, Decision